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Meeting Kate Nash

I’m meeting Kate Nash tomorrow. I interviewed her the best part of three years ago but she won’t remember me.  I won’t be offended. The first few occasions on which I interviewed someone for a second time, I naively assumed they would remember our previous conversation as well as I did. Well, of course they were never going to. Celebrities speak to guys like me in 15 minute bursts, one after the other, asking much the same questions, all the time.

I’m sure we all melt into one another after a while.

After my initial discomfort at such situations, I’ve learned to enjoy them now. It’s a bit like having one of those memory-erasing sticks from Men In Black. How often in life do you get to meet someone, apparently for the first time, but with the benefit of experience? It’s oddly empowering.

(The last few years of my great aunt’s life were a bit like that but that was slightly different)

Anyway, I’m hoping she’s still as natural and unaffected as she was in 2007. But if she isn’t, she won’t know I know she’s changed.


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