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Terminator In Pole Position

Inventive marketing ploys are always interesting around this time of year. As the big movies gear up for the big push towards what they hope will be a bank-bulging box-office swoop, a million ideas are put forward as to how.

The Simpsons Movie set the standard for marketing stunts a couple of years ago with a blimp flying over London and a giant Homer on a hillside in West England. Things can only get more crazy from here on in.

Terminator Salvation went for a far more traditional root this weekend by sponsoring an F1 car. But this is the first movie to have taken such a sponsorship spot – formerly the domain of booze and tobacco companies before they were regulated out of the game.

They certainly seem to have picked the right team. Jenson Button’s from my hometown (go Frome!) so I’m completely on board with the Button run at the F1 title. And here he is along with teammate Rubens Barrichello and one of Skynet’s nasties.


They do need some bigger lettering, however. Who on earth is going to be able to read that tail-piece at 200mph?!



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