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Remember 2D Animation?

This is the year of 3D. I was lucky enough to get an early look at Pixar’s UP in 3D yesterday and, though I can’t really talk about it too much, it blew my mind!

This is perhaps the second major turning point in the tranformation of animations. The first was the moment the Pixar ball bounced onto our screens at the beginning of Toy Story in 1995 – the dawn of CGI animation.

With all the 3D excitement caused by screen-bending features such as Coraline and Monsters Vs Aliens, both of which had vast audiences donning their 3D goggles this year, it’s easy to forget the classics made us love animation in the first place.

In recognition of this, Disney is releasing a "classic" 2D movie this year – The Princess & The Frog. It’s amazing to me that the trailer almost pitches the film as a “retro” release, using the phrase, “In the tradition of Walt Disney’s beloved classics.” Perhaps I’m getting old.



I agree with the sentiment from Disney. There are things that can be done in 2D that the new tech can’t touch.

Dumbo 3D anyone? No thanks. It’s perfect as it is.


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