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Real life Harry Browns – Pensioners fight back!

In Sir Michael Caine’s latest film he plays Harry Brown, a modest law-abiding citizen who lives alone on a depressed housing estate, he also happens to be an ex-marine. After the murder of his best friend he decides to take action and, in a bid to clean up the run-down estate where he lives, becomes a vigilante taking the law into his own hands.

To celebrate the release of Harry Brown, in cinemas 11th November, we’re going to look at some real life Harry Brown who, at a mature age, have still managed to dispense their own brand of justice.

What a choke:


Name: Mr Michalski

Age: 101

Mr Michalski was targeted by a thief who had befriended him and offered to help with some building work on his house. Whilst there he was caught trying to steal £300 from his wallet instead of fixing the roof. The thief, 54 years his junior was held in a bear hug until he could no longer breath and eventually gave up a fight .

"I was afraid I was going to suffocate him, so I let go. He was free. He ran down the steps and I wasn’t able to chase and he escaped."

Granny gives it some stick:


Name: Gwyneth Davies

Age: 86

Gwyneth Davies gave a burglar more than he bargained for. The 86-year-old attacked him with her metal crutch and held him prisoner until police arrived. The 20 year old was left whimpering and according to Gwyneth “pretended to cry.” She managed to take down the intruder even after recently suffering from broken ribs, a fractured hip and double pneumonia.

When police arrived at the scene they asked if she was OK, she replied: “You’re asking the wrong one.”

Granddad takes a gamble:


Name: Ron Kennedy

Age: 77

Ron Kennedy was in his local shop buying his lottery ticket when a thief attacked the shop assistant and tried to grab all the money out the till. The brave pensioner lifted his walking stick and gave the thief two whacks around the head. "I heard the lady screaming and saw him leaning over with his hands in the till. I went straight over and gave him two good wallops. Ron’s act of bravery was caught on CCT, unfortunately the thief managed to escape but, was later caught and then jailed for four years.

Brushed Off:


Name: Ann Withers

Age: 55

When two thugs tried to rob a local store in Weston Super Mare, 55 year Ann Withers decided she’d had enough. In an act of rage she got hold of a plastic broom, on sale in the shop, and fought off the thugs, one of which was carrying a hammer. ”I was livid because I’m the type of person who can’t stand people like that.”

Knife one Frank:


Name: Frank Corti

Age: 72

After a row over noise with his neighbour, Frank Corti was forced to defend himself. Gregory McCalium had been up all night drinking and decided to force his way into to Frank’s home. He then attacked Mr. Corti with a Knife, little did he know though that Mr.Corti was an ex boxer. He managed to dodge the blade and then hit McCalium twice in the face, in an effort to protect his wife and himself.

“I was scared when he first threw the knife, but most people would have acted in the same way.”

By Tom Botting


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