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Over The Moon

A quick congratulations to Duncan Jones and Moon for its success at the British Independent Film Awards last night.

I finally caught this imaginative sci-fi flick on Blu-Ray a couple of weeks ago. And the hype is justified. Don’t allow yourself to be put off by this Indie award either. You can watch this with mates at the weekend.

Yes, it is about the vacuous loneliness of living in space. No light sabres or laser guns are anywhere to be seen. BUT, it’s one of those movies that cleverly invites you to talk about it for days afterwards. Sam Rockwell is the lonely moon station resident questioning his own sanity and he’s brilliant.

It doesn’t require nearly as much patience as you might think.Could Moon go on and grab nominations in the major awards. We’ll find out when the Oscar noms come round in January. There will, of course, be a hefty load of awards coverage running right through January and February here on MSN Movies.



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