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Just had the pleasure of meeting Megan Fox. I was hoping to kick this off with a photo to prove that I’m not lying. But the moment I produced my camera a large security man instructed me that there are no photos allowed…. so you’ll just have to believe me.

Anyway – this is how the beginning of the interview went…

Me: So you’re pretty famous now. How are you dealing with all the attention?

Her: I get bored with it. Like, if I were to tell you how good that shirt looks on you every day, wouldn’t you get bored?

Me: [deep breath] No I could probably get used to it actually.

*Her: Do you have a girlfriend?*

* Lie

But, seriously that first bit was true, which was pretty surprising to say the least! Junket interviews are often fairly dull…

Any7way there’ll be a video later this week to prove I’m not fibbing!


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