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Globes And Going Forward

Big success for Slumdog Millionaire, Kate Winslet and Mickey Rourke at yesterday’s Globes.

Four wins for Slumdog (Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Score and a win at The Critics’ Choice Awards) make it the new favourite for the Oscar. Previously the commonly beheld favourite was Revolutionary Road. Now all we need is to convince the world that it isn’t a Bollywood film as some people have mistakenly dubbed it.

I’m happy that Slumdog is the new top dog. If it wins the big prize in February it’ll be a victory for fun, fast-paced filmmaking. I saw Revolutionary Road last week, and I very much enjoyed it. But, from weepy violin soundtrack to big-name emotional breakdown scenes, it is so much an Oscar film that I hope it doesn’t win. I watched it with my other half and I very much enjoyed. But her response was, "Well I wouldn’t choose to see it." And I can absolutely understand where she was coming from. It’s very much the same as I felt about Million Dollar Baby.

But (but!) Kate Winslet was magnificent. I have so much respect for this amazing actress. The look on her face as her marriage to Leo DiCaprio collapses in Revolutionary Road is just incredibly convincing. It’s the kind of performance in which you know that the actor suffered with the character. She drove the entire film and I am absolutely convinced that she’ll get the Oscar. She is the most favourite of all the favourites, which is bad luck for Ange Jolie and Changeling – but the winner is clear.


I’m still awestruck by The Wrestler and I hope Mickey Rourke goes on to pick up an Oscar too. It’s the Best Film as well as far as I’m concerned, but the chances of it winning that at the Oscars seem pretty slim. Here’s my review – go see it!


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