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Die Hard again… and again… and again

by Andy Gibbons

Oh come on, how many bad days can one man have? Of course I’m talking about the news that screenwriter Skip Woods (Hitman, Swordfish) is in talks with Fox about taking a crack at bringing wise-cracking super cop John McClane back to the big screen for a fifth outing. Did the execs at Fox not see Die Hard 4? It was hardly vintage McClane and I’m sorry to say it but at 55, I’m not sure Bruce Willis can carry a high-octane action movie any more.

If Fox want to bring one of their key characters to the big screen in a ‘having a bad day / country in peril’ type scenario, then they should focus of Jack Bauer’s big screen bow and get the 24 movie right rather than wheeling Bruce and his grubby vest out once again.

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